Premium Rental Property Management Services – Auckland

What Can Goode Rentals And Property Management Ltd Do For You?

Income Collection and Reporting

One of the key features of our rental property management is monitoring rent payments on daily basis. If a tenant becomes in arrears a 14 day notice is issued and ongoing contact is maintained to ensure all arrears are paid or appropriate action is taken as quickly as possible. Rental funds are direct credited monthly into landlords’ accounts. Monthly income and expenditure statements are provided. End of financial year income and expenditure statements are prepared.


Another innovative feature of our rental property management is Video Inspections – You as the landlord are emailed a link, and with a single click of the mouse can view your property. Goode Rentals provides the Landlord with a complete ‘walk through, talk through’ video of your property. This enables you to know exactly the condition of your property. Throughout the video if there are any maintenance issues which arise throughout the rental property these will be highlighted and discussed with you. The property manager completes a comprehensive inspection of the property. The ‘walk through, talk through’ video is an overview of your property to show you the general condition inside and out.

Property Management Fees

We offer competitive property management fees for unfurnished and furnished rental properties.

Regular Rent Reviews

We regularly review the rent to ensure your property is achieving a fair market rent.

Screening of Tenants

We check and screen all prospective tenants thoroughly, this includes checking previous landlord references and credit checks.

Rent Arrears

We monitor the rent on a daily basis, if the tenant defaults the debt recovery process commences immediately. Whilst we take every possible action to resolve the matter it may be necessary to take the tenant through the mediation process or to the Tenancy Tribunal.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute occurs, landlords are kept fully informed. When necessary, Goode Rentals will present all cases before the Tenancy Tribunal on the landlord’s behalf.


Our property management policy is to charge a three week bond from the tenant which is lodged at the Bond Centre.


This is tailor-made with you upon signing of our management agreement. You may wish to handle the repairs or simply leave it to us. We have a substantial data base of accredited maintenance contractors to address any issues or you can specify your preferred suppliers.


If Goode Rentals manage the property, there are no costs for advertising, including several websites and signage where applicable.

If you own property and require professional rental management in Auckland, we recommend that you find out more about our team, and contact us to schedule an appointment today.